Coffee Shop Observations

You might think I was a workaholic when I mention that I have two jobs. My “big girl” job is the standard Monday-Friday gig in an office. But come most Saturday mornings I can also be found behind the counter of a downtown coffee shop, pulling shots and chatting up the customers. Some people would think it drudgery to wake up at 5 in the morning on a weekend to work, but it isn’t so bad…

I’ve been working there for over two years and some of my best memories have been made there or with the excellent examples of humanity I’ve met there. Never a dull moment. Everyone is fun and funny and interesting and fantastic. My urban family.

Oh, and we’re excellent at making art and goofing off and all around being grown up kids hopped up on an endless supply of caffeine. I thought I’d start taking a weekly picture from the shop to share with you guys. Think of it as: Life in a Coffee Shop, the photo documentary. I hope you enjoy the weirdness as much as I do!

Picture #1

Story Behind the Photo:

We recycle the caps from the plastic milk jugs we use but because they’re a different type of plastic they have to be recycled separately. So we collect them in a paper bag for the week. This paper bag is very often decorated using old issues of or City Pages by bored co-workers on a slow closing shift. 9 out of 10 times, you can bet the bag is good.

This bag is good. Nick, Matt, and Alex are co-workers of mine, and apparently sailors. They apparently also worked on a Sunday. A slow Sunday. Pretty cute, huh? If you knew them you might laugh out loud.

I do.



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